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Book review of Jon Van Dyke “Who Owns the Crown Lands of Hawaii?”

Book review by attorney Paul M. Sullivan, published in UH Law Review:

Sullivan’s book review in the context of other materials about the ceded lands and the recent Supreme Court decision:

Dr. Sai’s “legal fiction”

David Sai is perhaps most well known for his Perfect Title scam, for which he recieved a felony conviction.  In a recent email shared on, in which he refers to his conviction as a “so-called felony,” Mr. Sai gives his take on the recent SCOTUS decision which eviscerated the so-called “Apology Resolution” and its whereas clauses.

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Apology Resolution Apology

In 1993, radical activists managed to pass PL103-150, otherwise known as the “Apology Resolution.”  The resolution itself was based on the writings of a single activist author, Davianna McGregor, and went through no vetting process to establish whether or not any of the “whereas” clauses regarding the history of the Hawaiian Islands and the Hawaiian Revolution of 1893 were accurate.  It was passed through the Senate with limited debate and assurances that it was a “simple apology,” and was passed by the House of Representatives with no debate at all through a voice vote.  It was stealth legislation of the lowest order, and its passage has reverberated with adverse consequences for the past 16 years.

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