A book review has been written of “Hawaii — The Fake State (A Manifesto and Expose of a Nation in Captivity)” by Aran Alton Ardaiz

Even though the book itself is worthless, this review provides some interesting information about the sovereignty movement. We enjoy hearty laughter at the irrational thought process of some sovereignty activists and the absurdities they put forward as truth. Folks might also be surprised by the criminal activities some activists engage in as part of their effort to rip the 50th star off the flag by undermining the sovereignty of the United States in the State of Hawaii through tax evasion, filing fake legal documents, and refusing to comply with licensing regulations.

The book also addresses numerous widely scattered topics that seem popular among conspiracy theorists who wear tinfoil hats to prevent the Martians from reading their minds. Many Hawaiian sovereignty activists seem attracted to conspiracy theories. The book review identifies some of those topics briefly.

The book does make some substantive claims regarding alleged illegality of the revolution of 1893, the annexation of 1898, and the statehood vote of 1959. All the substantive claims are rebutted by a series of well-documented webpages whose links are provided at the end of the book review.

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