David Sai is perhaps most well known for his Perfect Title scam, for which he recieved a felony conviction.  In a recent email shared on hawaiiankingdom.info, in which he refers to his conviction as a “so-called felony,” Mr. Sai gives his take on the recent SCOTUS decision which eviscerated the so-called “Apology Resolution” and its whereas clauses.

Insisting that the decision rested upon “legal fiction,” and that “a Congressional joint resolution is not a conveyance from a grantor to a grantee,” Mr. Sai judges himself the ultimate arbiter of law, and denies the universal legal international recognition given to the Republic of Hawaii, and the subsequent annexation which was also universally internationally recognized.  As a man who has predicated his frauds on the idea that the Kingdom of Hawaii still exists, and that he is the leader of the Kingdom (he goes by the title “Regent”), one can reasonably expect that he would be traumatized by having the basis for his “legal fiction” exposed as nonsubstantive.  Nevertheless, it is still telling that he would disparage the authority, intentions and motives of the final arbiter of law in our country.

And this is the real problem with the so-called “sovereignty movement” – it cannot withstand any decision which does not fit its agenda.  It cannot acknowledge any neutral arbitrator as the final say, if it does not end up agreeing with their side.  It cannot survive any adversarial process which may prove it wrong on the merits.  IT DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY HIGHER JUDGMENT THAN ITS OWN.

When Brown v. Board of Education was decided, there were certainly those who thought it was wrongfully judged.  When Roe v. Wade was decided, there were certainly those who thought it was wrongfully judged.  However, all the parties agreed that the decision lay in the the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the United States, and as much as they may have chafed under these decisions, they were accepted as the law of the land.

The SCOTUS decision regarding the Apology Resolution gave Mr. Sai a chance to graciously accept the error of his ways.  David Sai could have simply have admitted that he interpreted PL103-150 one way, the SCOTUS interpreted it another way, and their decision is final, binding, and the law of the land.  An honorable man could have done that.  An honest man could have done that.

But like all so-called “sovereignty activists,” they can never admit error.  They can never admit being wrong.  Their entire “legal fiction” of the continued existence of the Kingdom of Hawaii (under their rule, of course), rests on the idea that they are more supreme that the Supreme Court.