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Grassroot Institute of Hawaii — A June 8, 2007 attempt by Kamehameha Schools and OHA, led by Hawaiian sovereignty secessionists, to intimidate GRIH

By Ken Conklin

On Friday June 8, 2007 a group of ethnic Hawaiian organizations and individuals staged a protest against the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii in front of the building where its office is located. The event had the outward appearance of a 1960s-era street demonstration by “little people” using guerilla street-theatre tactics (prayer and folk songs) to protest at the headquarters of a powerful corporation or government agency.

But in fact it was a form of intimidation by a group of extremely wealthy and powerful race-based institutions complaining that a small local think-tank dares to challenge their “right” to exercise racial exclusion and their demand to expand their already-existing racial supremacy by establishing a race-based government.

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The People On The Sidewalk

On June 8th, 2007, a motley group of native Hawaiian supremacists, radical sovereignty activists, Kamehameha Schools representatives and unfortunately indoctrinated students made a protest at the Interstate Building at 1314 South King Street. They were protesting the civil rights activism and educational activities of the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, making the bold and unfounded claim that, “The Grassroot Institute, both corporately and via its members and affiliates, is part of a reactionary movement to expropriate the collective inheritance of the indigneous peoples of Hawaii.”

They further went on to claim that the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii engaged in “the deplorable tradition of the jingoists”, while themselves stating with no hint of recognizing their own hyperbole that the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii “aims to dismantle women’s rights, minority rights, LGBT rights, ecological sustainability, international cooperation, and supports for working families.” It is surprising that they did not also blame the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii for global warming, hurricane Katrina, the war in Iraq, AIDS, cancer and the sexual abuse of parishioners by Catholic priests.

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Abusing Hawaiian History: Hawaiians Knew Their History in 1959

Abusing Hawaiian History: Hawaiians Knew Their History in 1959

by Erica Little and Todd Gaziano

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