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Ceded land lawsuit — 5 amigos + 1 diablo

Amicus brief jointly by the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii and the Southeastern Legal Foundation

Amicus brief jointly by the Pacific Legal Foundation, the Cato Institute, and the Center for Equal Opportunity

Amicus brief by the Mountain States Legal Foundation

Amicus brief of the Commissioner of Public Lands for the State of New Mexico

Amicus brief of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence

To see what the “bad guys” think about the State’s position on ceded lands, look at

Hawaiian Sovereignty, Zionism, and Governor Lingle

Governor Lingle’s main motive for supporting the Akaka bill, OHA, race-based entitlements, and Kamehameha Schools’ racially exclusionary admissions policy is her strong support for Zionism and her mistaken belief that the Hawaiian sovereignty movement is comparable to the struggle to establish and maintain a Jewish nation of Israel.  See webpage