A series of three 60-minute lecture/discussions about the Akaka bill were scheduled for the Church of the Crossroards in Honolulu on three successive Sundays in September 2010. The presentations were publicly announced ahead of time. I, Ken Conklin, was the speaker for September 12.

My topic was: “Unity and Equality vs. Racial Separatism — Why the Akaka bill is historically, legally, and morally wrong; with bad consequences for all Hawaii’s people including those with native ancestry”

Being a retired professor, I’m accustomed to using lecture notes. I wanted to make the notes available to the audience, including internet webpage links that would provide more detailed explanations plus citations of source material. Since the notes ran longer than a single page, and not knowing how many people might attend, I made the extended notes available on a webpage and gave its URL to the audience. That webpage is at

The lecture and Q&A session were taped by ‘Olelo TV. It will take a while for editing and scheduling before the program is broadcast.