A book published in May 2010 seems intended to serve three noble and benevolent purposes: show well-deserved appreciation to an elderly volunteer, Mrs. Anne Jurczynski, who has given 24 years of service to Iolani Palace; celebrate the importance of the Palace in Hawaii’s history; and help children learn Hawaiian language by telling a story in simple words where every page has a paragraph in English and the same paragraph in Hawaiian.

But the book “Ka Pu’uwai Hamama — Volunteer Spirit” contains some commonly repeated historical falsehoods which serve the purpose of arousing resentment, anger, and racial hostility. In an essay-length book review, the worst falsehoods are quoted and disproved with explanations of what is true and citations where proof can be found. The book is poisonous to the souls of innocent schoolchildren, and should be recalled just like Tylenol was recalled in 1982 when several people died from cyanide-laced capsules, and Toyota vehicles were recalled in 2010 because of sticky accelerators.

A webpage identifies numerous historical falsehoods and distortions with quotes from the book, plus detailed analysis, internet links, and citations of documents proving that each item is false or distorted and telling what is true. There’s also further explanation of why books like this are poisonous to the souls of innocent children, and why books like this should be regarded as defective products that should be recalled. See