The movie “Avatar” fits the pattern of the “White Messiah” syndrome. Both of those are clearly relevant to an understanding of the politics of the Hawaiian independence movement and also the Akaka bill. A webpage contains an analysis of those conceptual interconnections plus five published articles moving from a general description of concepts to a specific Hawaiian application of the movie’s viewpoint. The webpage is at

The article published in a California newspaper (The Sacramento Bee) actually relies on the plot of “Avatar” to explain “indigenous” Hawaiian opposition to the placement of telescopes on Mauna Kea. The article raises the question whether ethnic Hawaiian protesters and their allies might be justified in using violence to defend Hawaii’s environment and ethnic Hawaiian religious/cultural values, as the indigenous Na’vi and their Caucasian Earthling allies used violence to defeat the bulldozing of Pandora’s rainforest to harvest unobtainium to satisfy Earth’s needs.