by Ken Conklin

The Aloha Spirit is enormously powerful It is the origin from which all life force is derived, and the destiny toward which evolution strives. It is the localized Hawaii name for the Holy Spirit of the Christian Trinity; or the Form of Goodness in Plato’s doctrine of the Forms. The kokokahi sentence was the first sentence in Hawaii’s first Constitution (1840), and shows the Aloha Spirit in action: “God hath made of one blood all races of people, to dwell on this Earth in unity and blessedness.” The greatest attack on the Aloha Spirit is the Akaka bill (S.310 in the 110th Congress) which proposes to divide Hawaii’s people by race, creating a racially exclusionary government for ethnic Hawaiians. See the webpage: “The Aloha Spirit — what it is, who possess it, and why it is important” at