On January 10, 2008 Ken Conklin gave testimony to a Kaneohe Town Meeting hosted by state Senator Jill Tokuda and Representatives Pono Chong and Ken Ito.  All of them are either chair or vice-chair of the committees that focus on “Hawaiian Affairs.”  

The testimony identified racial separatism as the most important issue facing the Legislature.  

Recommendations to the Legislature were as follows:  (1) Do not pass any resolution supporting the Akaka bill; on the contrary, place a question on the ballot for November to see whether Hawai’i’s people want Congress to pass the Akaka bill.  Stop giving away state resources even before the Akaka bill passes and before negotiations begin between the Akaka tribe and the state government regarding how to carve up Hawai’i.  (2)  The ceded lands belong to all Hawai’i’s people; the Legislature should rescind the law it passed in 1980 awarding OHA 20% of ceded land revenues.  (3)  In June 2006 a confidential OHA memo became public which outlined Plan B to set up a state-recognized Akaka tribe even if the Akaka bill fails in Congress; that plan is likely to unfold in 2008 and the Legislature should resist it.  (4)  The Legislature should resist paying for OHA boondoggles like a new headquarters building; OHA has over $400 Million in assets plus an annual income of tens of millions and can easily pay for whatever it wants.  (5)  The government funded “host culture” charter schools should be held accountable for violating the separation of church and state, for indoctrinating children with religious views asserting racial supremacy, and for teaching twisted history supporting anti-American and anti-Caucasian attitudes.  (6)  The Legislature should resist proposals from a special commission on bioprospecting that would strip landowners of basic property rights to invite researchers onto their land and to profit from technological discoveries.

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