A radio interview with Ken Conklin, 37 minutes, taped July 2007, is now available on the internet and for download as an mp3 file on kenconklin.org (right-click link and save-as to save the mp3 to your computer). Mr. Conklin was interviewed by JP Muntal, formerly of Hawaii Public Radio now at The Hawaii Radio Project.

Topics include Conklin’s book, Hawaiian apartheid, racial separatism, ethnic nationalism, Hawaiian religious fascism used to justify racial supremacy, Kamehameha Schools admissions policy, how a historical falsehood was asserted on the floor of the U.S. Senate in June 2007 to push the Akaka bill.

Conklin’s 302-page book can be ordered on the internet, and a preview is available free of charge. “Hawaiian Apartheid — Racial Separatism and Ethnic Nationalism in the Aloha State.” A webpage provides the book’s cover, the entire Chapter 1, a detailed table of contents, a link to the publisher’s online bookstore, and a toll-free phone number.