After 7 years, numerous hearings, testimony, debates, wrangling and zero progress it’s time to retire, both the bill and the gracious senator. I hate to see the loss of several decades of political capital, the personal loss to senator Akaka’s dignity and the wrong headed effort of the entire Hawaii congressional delegation continuing, yet that seems to be what the cost is apt to be. 

The 1893 replacement of a monarchy with a republic was the best thing for Hawaii, When, after the representative form of government was dissolved by the various monarchs for the 4th time that century It was the only choice for a population that desired to protect itself from the absolute & arbitrary authority of a dead form of government, namely a monarchy. The shot heard around the world was finally heard in Hawaii. 

The loss of federal help to the state as a whole has been grievous. Concentrating benefits on 1 racial group and 1 doubtful cause is just plain wrong. It’s been said that if one finds himself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. The U.S. civil right commission has urged rejection of S 147. 

The Senator from Tennessee, Lamar Alexander, spoke on May 8, 2006, on the floor of the senate saying “Akaka Bill Should Be Opposed by U.S. Senate.” His words seem to sound the death knell for the Legislation. However, I still sense an ongoing effort to ignore the fact of the existence of our U.S. Constitution. 

The creation of a nation within a nation as proposed by S 147 or the Akaka Bill is absolutely unconstitutional and this wasteful effort must stop. 

The constitution makes no provision for the dissolution for neither any state nor any part of any state. These back door contrivances to subvert the law only disgrace the whole state, and bring shame on us all. 

Bud Ebel